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C-Street Market Vendor Information Center

Market Office Located in:

209 E Commercial St., Springfield, MO 65803

Please read the Policies & Procedures Document (PDF) before applying to become a C-Street City Market vendor.

All vendors are required to hold a City of Springfield Group Events license. Some exemptions apply. See document for details.

Vendors who wish to sell their eggs, meat, raw milk, or sprouts must apply for a Retail Food Vendor Permit.  This permit is issued only once and does not expire.  Furthermore, there is no fee associated with this permit and the vendor is NOT required to attend the Farmers Market Food Safety Class.

The Farmers Market Permit (PDF) is only required for vendors who wish to prepare food at the market and offer it to their customers as either a sample or a whole portion.  This farmers market permit is valid for one calendar year and allows the vendor to either sample their product in small bite-size portions or prepare and serve whole portions only at farmers markets.

Vendors who operate at markets in Greene County, regardless of the type of foods offered, must follow the General Farmers Market requirements and Sampling Guidelines (PDF).

Vendors who do not sell food products do not need to adhere to food-specific requirements.

Get in touch

If you are contacting us to be a potential vendor, please also fill out an application and send it our way to 209 E. Commercial St., Springfield, MO 65803
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